Friday, August 26, 2016

Brasil e Seus Clichês

     Nesse texto, vou escrever sobre a relação entre um objeto palpável e um clichê popular brasileiro. O objeto que eu escolhi foi batom, porque representa a ideia da beleza e vaidade.

     Em nossa sociedade, existe uma ideia de que a mulher brasileira é sensual. Isso é um clichê muito comum porque com o tempo, uma combinação de mídia, redes sociais e até histórias contadas pelos nossos antecedentes resultaram numa imagem destorcida sobre a mulher brasileira. Embora a maioria das mulheres no Brasil tenham uma beleza interna, não é necessariamente verdade de que todas elas são sensuais ou radiam uma beleza externa muito grande. 

     Já que o objeto que eu escolhi expressa a ideia de beleza e vaidade, achei que se relacionava muito com o clichê de que mulheres são vistas por pessoas de fora como lindas e sensuais. Em um site americano, postaram um artigo sobre o que homens americanos acham sobre o Brasil. No texto, eles esclarecem o que acham das mulheres brasileiras. "Beautiful women (I always think of the volleyball team)". Isso traduz para "mulheres lindas (sempre penso no time de volley)". <source> Isso mostra como pessoas (pelo menos homens) veem as mulheres brasileiras. É possível achar um pouco de machismo nessa ideia; ou seja na ideia de que mulheres só são sensuais no brasil. Não são vistas como espertas ou criativas, mas como objetos bonitos que capturam o olhar.

     Concluindo, é possível dizer que existe um clichê que as mulheres brasileiras são sensuais e vaidosas. Esse clichê tem muito a ver com o objeto batom porque é usado para gerar beleza e representa o clichê de sensualidade. Esses tipos de clichês são gerados por muitos fatores externos, como a mídias e outras coisas que tem o poder de modelar clichês como esse.

Monday, May 30, 2016

April Reading Blog Post

In april, I read two books: Still Alice, by Lisa Genova and Ties That Bind, Ties That Break by Lensey Namioka. Still Alice is about a woman who suffers early-onset Alzheimer's disease. Alice Howland, a 50-year-old woman, is a cognitive psychology professor at Harvard, and shows small hints of sudden confusion and forgetfulness on a daily basis, until it is clear that she suffers from chronic illness. All throughout the novel her life gets more and more tricky to live, as she forgets various things, from small words to basic informations about her lifestyle. I really liked this book because other than the movie, the small hints of forgetfulness are more clear, and the reader can identify how that impacts her life immediately. This book, although slow, does not get boring at all, and gets more and more tense as it goes on. The novel makes the reader get involved in the reading, therefor feeling what the character is feeling, and even more brainstorming about the story. This book was very good, and I recommend it to people to enjoy reading sad, but insightful books.

The other book I read was Ties That Bind, Ties That Break by Lensey Namioka. when the time comes to bind her feet, she realizes that by performing this painful tradition she will have to give up her freedom. However, her father, understanding her wants, sends her to a school where she is taught by foreigners and studies amongst children with unbound feet. As her father dies, her uncle wants to force her to marry an upper class man, however no one from the upper class wants to marry her because of her "big feet". The book portrays the journey of a young woman fighting for her freedom, and going against all traditions set for her. I think this book was very interesting to read, as it explores themes like religion, tradition and prejudice. Not only does the reader learn about many new things about the past history of china, but they get a look into Ailin's personal life and the many things she goes through. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an interesting and rich reading, with many themes about culture and traditions, and going against what is "normal" to live a happy life.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Science Crash Course Design Project

Marina Dissinger
Science, block 2
Mr. Jeffrey
Crash Course Design Project

Research Question:
What is the highest height we can drop our car from without causing any cracks in the egg using 3 of our layers? Once that is found, how many additional layers need to be added to the seatbelt for the egg to survive at the height? Using that amount of layers, how high can the car be dropped from without having any cracks?


Why a Seatbelt?
We chose to build a seat belt because it would contain the egg and stabilize it so it wouldn't hit against any surfaces, therefore maintaining it intact. This would keep the egg from moving all around instead of waiting for the use of a crumple zone to secure the car after the crash.

Theory of design:
The seat belt consists of duct tape (used to keep the egg motionless), and tissues (used to embrace the egg so that it has a soft surrounding). What we did was get two pieces of duct tape and glue their sticky parts together so that it wouldn't stick to the egg. We made 4 of these strips, one or them wider in size. When we finish doing that, we got the two thinner ones and crossed them over the egg, so that they would create a kind of  basket and cup the egg. We used the wider one to create a "ceiling" for the basket, so that the egg wouldn't hit against the top of the box. After this, we added the thinner one to make a barrier in the back of the two crossed ones so that the egg wouldn't slide to the back of the box and hit against it. With this, we stuffed tissues in between the egg and the duct tape, making it secure and dynamic for the success of the experiment.

3 layers:
  • 45 cm slant- survived, 100% intact
    • velocity is 2.96m/s, momentum is 2.96kg m/s,
  • 70 cm slant- survived, 100% intact
  • 90 cm slant-survived, 100% intact
  • 130 cm straight down drop- egg slightly cracked, yet it didn't fully break.

4 layers:
  • 130 cm straight down drop- the egg still cracked, yet less than the last time (velocity is 5.04m/s, momentum is 5.04kg m/s)

5 layers:
  • 130 cm straight down drop - the egg remained fully intact, no damage
  • 150 cm straight down - the egg remained fully intact, no damage
  • 322 cm straight down - the egg remained fully intact, no damage

5 layers with added duct tape (redesign):
  • 717 cm straight down- the egg had a few cracks but it didn't break completely
    • More duct tape was used
    • Same amount  of tissue

Redesign/ final design:
For our redesign, we chose to add duct tape and tissues and make the egg more secure. I think this helped a lot, as we dropped it straight down from a 717 cm drop, and found that it had only slightly cracked. If we had kept out initial design, the egg would have broken completely, as the egg kept shifting even when inside and secure in the cart. Because of this, we came to the conclusion that the redesign helped the egg to be protected.

Integration of Physics:

Inertia- Newton's First Law:
Newton's First Law says that an article at movement or rest is going to stay in movement or rest, unless followed up on by an outside force. In the venture, when the cart containing the egg was in movement and it hit against the wall or the floor, the egg continued moving at the same pace, until it was halted by the seat belt. If not for the seat belt, it would have broken. Because of inertia, it is vital to wear a seatbelt while driving, since it is the very thing that will be utilized to slow down the subject from proceeding at the pace of the car amid the accident, and get hurt. This can be connected to our task, as the egg was strapped in the cart, so when the cart hit the wall/ground, the eggs movement would slow down as opposed to proceeding at the cart's rate.

Momentum & Impulse:
Moreover, in the test, there was a change in momentum. This is because the cart halted when it crashed, so the momentum changed. Be that as it may, when we included more layers of paper towel, we expanded the crash time, thus decreasing the momentum of it. The reason behind why the effect time gets higher, is because the egg experiences a less vicious stop than before when it hit the ground without the same number of paper towels.
This can be proven in our project when we calculate our change in momentum while dropping the cart from 130 cm straight down. The first time we dropped it, the cart consisted of the seat belt and an additional 3 layers of tissue. After we dropped the cart, an observation was that the egg had cracked slightly, but hadn't fully broken. Therefore, we decided to add one more layer of tissue, with this increasing the impact time even more. When we did so, the egg cracked again, yet less than last time. Therefore, we decided to test it out with one more layer of tissue in the cart, overall 5 layers. Once we used 5 layers, the egg survived the 130 cm straight down crash with no cracks, or any signs of damage.
All through these three tests, the momentum of the cart is close to none since it is calculated with velocity and mass, and since we didn't change either the speed of the truck towards the ground or the mass of the truck, it is conceivable to say that the momentum wasn't influenced in any way. The accompanying calculations show how to find the velocity of the drop, to later connect that to p=mv (energy count), in order to find the momentum

3 Layers- 130 cm straight down drop:
Vf = Vi + 2ax (Vf= Final Velocity, Vi=Initial Velocity, 2a= 2 * acceleration, x=height)
Vf = 0 + 2(9.8)(1.3)
Vf = 5.04
p=1kg * 5.04 m/s
p= 5.04 kg m/s

4 Layers- 130 cm straight down drop.
Vf = Vi + 2ax
Vf = 0 + 2(9.8)(1.3)
Vf = 5.04
p=1kg * 5.04 m/s
p= 5.04 kg m/s

5 layers- 130 cm drop
Vf = Vi + 2ax
Vf = 0 + 2(9.8)(1.3)
Vf = 5.04
p=1kg * 5.04 m/s
p= 5.04 kg m/s

    • The car needed to be dropped certain way ( Slightly tilted, heavier side of the cart faced to the bottom)
    • After a while, the tissues slided under the egg, therefore adding more protection.
  • Box needed to be capped and sealed to prevent movement of the straps/tissue in the box.
45 cm slant
    • No change in structure of the seat belt.
    • No position change of the egg
70 cm slant
    • No change in structure of the seat belt.
    • No position change of the egg
90 cm slant
    • No change in structure of the seat belt.
    • No position change of the egg
130 cm straight down
    • No change in structure of the seat belt.
    • No position change of the egg
    • Egg cracked slightly - No major damage
150 cm straight down
    • No change in structure of the seat belt.
    • No position change of the egg
220 cm straight down
    • No change in structure of the seat belt.
    • No position change of the egg
717  cm straight down
    • Duct tape had detached from walls of the box
    • Egg was almost completely cracked.

Free body Diagrams:
In this experiment, forces played a big role on the crashes and therefore the advance of the lab and project. Here are three body diagrams, one of a cart falling down a straight down drop, and the other of a cart rolling down a ramp.

We found that designing a seatbelt was a huge success at protecting the egg, as it kept it secure and didn't allow it to shift inside the box, and therefor break. Also, the more tissue we included into the project, the more protection it gave as we can see in the data. One very important factor in this project was the amount of force that acted on the egg. Our goal was to reduce that net force as much as possible. To do this we added more padding, as I mentioned before, the more padding the egg had the more increase in impact time there would be. This increase in impact time leads to a decrease in force. This causes the survival probability of the egg to increase as well. With this, the egg has a very low chance of breaking, even when being dropped from tall heights. Concluding, this project was a success and the hard work of understanding the content was worth it.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Declaration of Independence

If I were to choose between the Declaration of the Rights of Man, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, I would probably choose the first. Although the French document was not executed correctly and made only minor changes by the end of the revolution, it had a great deal of potential. First of all, its ideas of equality, like taxation and execution would be a great base for a working society. With this, the people would have the same rights and resources. Not only this, but the declaration also had ideas of famous philosophers from the enlightenment, like Locke. Additionally, the Declaration of the Rights of Man is the best choice between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution because it made an effect immediately, instead of just being an stimulus to actions. The Declaration of Independence, for example, made no effects whatsoever; it was the war after it which made the difference. The ideas in the french document were much more powerful, therefor making an effect without any actions. Last but not least, one can say that Declaration of the Rights of Man is the best choice between all of the documents listed because it made society much more fair and at least had the intentions of eliminating aristocracy in France. Not only this, but it spread many enlightenment ideals, therefor affecting future events and happenings.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

March Reading Blogpost

Image result for cut book
     During the month of March, I have read two new books: Cut, by Patricia McCormick and The Giver, Lois Lowry. Cut isn't a book I wouldn't normally go for, as its genre is sad and makes me think a lot. Although it is short and has merely 151 pages, the happenings in the book are very intense. The book is about a girl, Callie, who is severely depressed, and cuts herself. She goes to a place she calls "Sick Minds", a mental hospital, to help her get better. The book depicts her treatment and response to therapy sessions. The other book I read was The Giver. I liked this book a lot, as it contains mystery, action and love all in one. It is about a boy called Jonas, who is chosen to be the new Receiver. To be the Receiver means to receive all of the memories the Giver holds. The book has 224 pages, and is a nice and fast read, as well as interesting. In March, I have read a total of 375 pages, and I am proud of my progress so far. I think that my next reads are going to be similar to the book Cut because I loved the genre and way it was written.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Math Class Reflection Homework

- How do you learn best in math class?
I think I best learn in class through lectures and problems in class. This is because in class I can ask all of the questions I have without hesitating, and get rid of insecurities about problems. When the teacher lectures in class, the ideas get through to me much quicker, and therefor I can understand the concepts much faster. Also, if I am writing notes throughout the lecture, I can revise the ideas later and not forget them as easily. Lectures make it easier to study later on for a formative or summative.

- Which core value is a strength for you in math class?
My strength in class is the core value communicator. When I have an idea in class, I try my best to share it or ask questions when I'm not sure about something. When we have class discussions, normally I communicate my ideas, and also adapt other people's ideas to my own.

- Which core value still needs improvement in math class?
The core value that needs improvement for me is responsible. Sometimes, I have trouble concentrating in class and getting my work done even when I get the things taught in class. Also, sometimes when I am unfocused, I get around to talking to my peers during class. Also, I think I could get better at getting my work done at home, as I have problems focusing on my work when I have distractions around me. So, I will work on getting my work done at home and focusing in class when I get the chance to.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Act iii Scene 5

This is a true tragedy. Once again I let anger and vengeance take over my soul. Poor Tybalt, miserable man. I should have spared his life so that the death of my dear friend Mercutio haunted him forever. The unholy man will burn in the flames under our feet, and Mercutio will fly up above, accompanied by his beloved ones. Now, I leave for Mantua, the neighbour Verona, my home and sanctuary. There is no home away from my beloved Verona! But, I have to suffer the consequences from my unholy act. Oh, Juliet! I am most sorry to Juliet, my wife of one day. I will forever think about how I could have done this differently so my love would have not suffered. But here I am, on my way to another land, with no hopes of forgiving myself or letting the Lord forgive me.